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    Re: General Anime Discussion: Area 11

    I finally caught up on all this season's shows that I'm watching. So ...

    Blood C Dropped after having watched the first three episodes. I just can't stand the characters, school segments, CLAMP's noodles people, and the fact that even 3 episodes they haven't started the plot. Maybe I'm not giving them enough time, but for now, there's nothing convincing me to keep watching.

    Kamisama Dolls This one has been floating around on my scale quite a bit, and is currently sitting at not great but entertaining enough to watch. Premise sounded cool, and then the OP was awesome but the first episode made me think it was going to be ****. Since then the characters have grown on me and we have some interesting mystery elements to keep me engaged, but I still think the plot is going to end up horribad.

    Dantalian no Shoka Right now I'll watch this all season just for the atmosphere, voice acting, and sheer style points it has going. After being so disappointed by Gosick, I'm not going to expect any decent mysteries out of 22 minute anime episodes, and the plot seems like its going to stick to book of the week so also nothing there. And the fights are going to all be solved by Biblio ex machina so again, nothing there. But man, Daisuke Ono dramatically reading stuff while Gainax has cool animation sequences? I'm down for that.

    No. 6 Noitamina high concept work in a dystopian setting? I'll be there till the bitter end. And so far it looks like it won't be disappointing me like Fractale and [C]. Though I wonder if they truly grasp what it means to only have 11 episodes. Because that's always been the tripping point for these shows, and this one's an adaption to boot.

    Usagi Drop Easily the best new show this season. Rin is going to overload my D'aww meter. Though the way they're going to have drama unfold seems like its Google's to be rather predictable. Not that that's ever been a problem for shows with good execution.

    Kaiji s2 It's more Kaiji and I really should have waited till it finished to watch it due to its glacial pacing. Nothing much more to say.

    Steins;Gate It just gets better and better. Though I do want to go read the VN now because some this just seem like they would have worked better in first person. And man have I fallen in love with Kana Hanazawa's voice.

    So anybody else following anything? Any good ones I'm missing out on? Any discussion on what I am watching?
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