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Kamisama Dolls

No. 6

KD I'm missing the latest episode... I was about to drop it because it was just so mediocre but the end of episode 3 kind of kept me hooked... I'll see how 4 turns out.

No 6 has been kind of disappointing for me. It's your average dystopian setting with some more or less subtle shonen-ai... The animation might be nice but really, if the story won't pick up I don't know it I'll make it through.

SG is excellent with very few exceptions. The worst about it is the bad science but I think that might just be me. Even with that it's superior thatn most other series I've ever seen. Gotta love Mamoru Miyano, imo.#

What you are missing... I'm still a BIG fan of Tiger&Bunny. It has a nice idea and a pretty neat execution of it. And it has some real wham episodes lately.
Blade is... well, if you care for it. I'm not that amazed.
Also, there's some light hearted stuff. YuruYuri is cute little schoolgirl lesbian humor. Episode 3 was a bit slow but 2 and 4 were golden for me.
BakaToTest has a second season which is about as good as the old season. I enjoy it.
Oh, and there's Mawaru Penguindrum. Not amazing so far but entertaining enough, I'd say. Pretty weird... light-hearted PMMM, would be a poor description but the best I can think of right away.
I feel I'm missing something important... I've really picked up too much stuff... Mayo Chiki! Nothing too amazing. Cross-dresser comedy with varying fanservice but fun enough.