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    Default Re: Our Comic Lab in the Playground: An experimentation class

    I know about the panels/gutters, just never made a pattern/template I like yet. So I'm sticking with normal straight edge black lines/boxes for now. Also, the not being able to make anything out in those panels is intentional since I can't give the creature an actual outline. Because it isn't just something with a physical form hiding in the dark. It is the dark*.

    And since those panels are zoomed in pretty close, you can't really see much background wise. But once I get the panels worked out it should be fine.

    *Well, that sounds cliche. It's more like.. an aura that hibernates until a light source is brought into it's territory. At which point it attempts to extinguish said light, and spread itself over the previously lit area before going back to sleep. Look, it doesn't have to make sense, okay.

    But yeah.
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