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Which full metal alchemist ending? The old one or Brotherhood? If you only saw the old one you could see brotherhood which follows the manga till the end. They have the same story till a point but brotherhood keeps that part of the story shorter.
I really don't know the difference. I wish I could say differently. At a guess, it was probably the older one. I was simply annoyed that most of the story felt unfinished and rather depressing.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more precise. I'm a casual anime fan just trying to get back into the swing of things after a long hiatus.

As a side note, I would appreciate it if the sarcastic or insulting commentary cease. My desire is genuine, it's just that I've been burned before. Stupidly, I thought Divergence Eve would get better over time, along with its sequel. I kept thinking there would be some point where I'd fully understand what the heck was going on in the storyline, but that never really happened. That was just one example of getting burned over a bad series.