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    Default Re: Things you never noticed II: I never noticed the first thread

    Quote Originally Posted by martianmister View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Just Joseph View Post
    After lurking in this forum for years, I just noticed the "view first unread" link at the top of each page of each thread.

    The time I wastespend in this forum will now be much more productive!
    Right below the 'Post Reply' at the top.

    Of course, if you've read all the posts in the thread, it won't be there.

    There's also a 'view first unread' button (green square with white downwards arrow) next to thread names whether you're looking at them from the normal forum view or your subscribed threads. That's basically all I do. I have like six threads I'm subscribed to and I just hit 'view first unread' every time it tells me there's a new post.
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