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    Oh I'm not saying KD is good. Right now its not. It is entertainingly bad though.

    And No 6 would be a horribly cliche teen book (what is what its based off of) but as an anime I think it comes off as a little bit more unique, just because of how few dystopian settings we get in the medium.


    You're getting insulting commentary because you're coming off as insulting yourself. You think you're saying something along the lines of "Hey guys, I've only watched a few shows and I think I figured out what I like. Recommend stuff like that." When you're coming off as saying something more like this "Hey guys, I've only watched a few shows but I can definitely say that shows, including most of your favorites, that have this poorly defined quality are bad. Oh but I'm selectively defining that and still enjoy a few shows that should qualify."

    That said, I still don't know what you mean by "anime WTFery" or why you think cliches are bad, so here's a list of serious and mature anime for serious and mature people such as yourself.

    Serial experiments lain
    Haibane renmei
    Kino's Journey
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