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    Default Re: Our Comic Lab in the Playground: An experimentation class

    Fixed, I guess. Didn't bother shading yet though, I'm not here to make things look pretty.

    Wanted to try out a smaller font. I've always had issues with text and spacing.

    Edit- Comic edited out until tomorrow when I can be bothered to "filter" a few bits of text. I've forgotten that profanity isn't allowed in comics here. Which is silly, I guess. But it's a rule so..*shrugs*

    You know, despite drawing all these random comics and all lately. I doubt I'm actually ever going to make a comic. I got like, one idea 3 years ago. and I've amassed like 12 huge scripts in my flash folder from it. I've been warping and changing the story, writing one scenario and then the opposite scenario in a different script etc. It never ends.

    Which is good, I guess. I like writing stuff for me privately.
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