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    "Pick a card. Any card."

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Half demon human.
    Age: Unknown, looks to be in his late twenties.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Magician/Performer
    Power Rating: C Rank.
    Description: Ace stands on the shorter end, at about 5'3. His left eye is covered by an eyepatch, with two inwards-curving scars that run about an inch below it. He has long, brown hair, which he keeps pulled back in a woven green-and-white band that resembles a Chinese finger trap, and his right arm is covered shoulder to wrist by a similar band. He often dresses very simply aside from these to exotics, wearing a worn blue vest and heavily patched pants that may have originally been black. His vest is generally worn open to expose a slim, if not well constructed, torso. Occasionally, when **** is getting real or he's doing a performance, Ace will wear a set of small, false horns. They're nothing special, although they are somewhat pointy. About the size of a deer's first set of antlers. Often, Ace carries a bag around with him. It has a strap that goes over the shoulder and lots and lots of deck-sized pockets.
    Personality: Ace is a generally friendly and unphasable fellow. He doesn't have a lot of respect for the law, but he genuinely cares for the people around him. He can be a generally lazy fellow, but he always gets really energetic when he's excited over something. And while he can have a somewhat nasty habit of stealing from better-off civilians, the money usually goes to those who need it.
    Equipment: Most importantly, one animated rope that is exactly as long as it needs to be at the moment and a seemingly endless supply of playing cards.
    Abilities: Ace is an actual wizard, although he prefers to make his spells look more like slight of hand than anything. A lot of what he does is reminiscent of stage magic and relies on playing cards or other props. One of Ace's primary weapon is an animated rope that he can use to grab things. He can also teleport up to roughly one hundred feet. The catch is that he can only move in a line, and can only move horizontally or vertically at once. He can go up down left or right, but he cannot go up and to the right. In addition, Ace has an extensive repertoire of card tricks, which can range from random show tricks to more complex offensive spells to straight up hurling enchanted cards, Gambit-style. When he needs to, he can also conjure things up.
    Backstory: Ace grew up in a world where magic was strictly illegal and magic users were often punished harshly. Because of his demonic heritage, magic came naturally to Ace and that put him in a bit of trouble. He learned to hide his magical powers by disguising them as slight of hand, but even then he often skirted the edges of the law. He ended up living in slums, doing performances on the street for money and moving around often to avoid being caught. One of the cities his travels brought him to happened to have a small and forgotten library on the outskirts of town, which Ace stayed in for a month. In his search, he found an old, dusty spell book that contained a lot of knowledge of darker arts. Among the spells Ace learned, he summoned and bound a cat demon named Basta to his service.
    It was that same book that opened a portal to a strange land known as the Nexus.
    Miscellaneous: Like most demonic creatures, Ace has a true name and a public name. This is common knowledge, but no one knows his true name.
    Card Tricks
    Two of Hearts: Explodes outwards in a large fireball about five feet in the direction it's facing.
    Three of Hearts: Smaller, undirected explosion in a three-foot radius.
    Three of Diamonds: Create force fields.
    Ten of Diamonds: Razor sharp projectiles.

    Four of Spades: Electrifies whatever it's touching.
    Queen of Spades: Summons Basta.
    Ace of Spades: Ace's calling card. If it is given to someone who then burns it, Ace will know about it and will probably come check out what's going on.
    Five of Clubs: Makes the person who destroys it fall asleep
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