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    Deinonei "Deino" Malacosta
    Race: Alpheidan (some sort of... pistol shrimp person)
    Class: Fightlady Shootems
    Age: Equivalent to mid-late teens.
    Power: C+ maybe? Hell if I know.

    Her skin is a strange sort of grey-pink, and her hair is similar but darker. On her lower body, she has a fairly bright purple carapace. Each of her six legs ends in a grasping set of digits. Her eyes are bright yellow and have weird w-like pupils.

    Abilities: Deino can scuttle pretty quickly both backwards and forwards and is able to handle rough terrain with the grasping claws on her feet. She can move even more quickly in water and is capable of breathing underwater.
    Most notable is her pistolclaw; by snapping the "hammer" portion down onto the base, she creates a powerful air disruption bolt. In water, it is significantly more powerful and has a longer range.

    Personality: Deino doesn't talk especially much, and is thus not very socially apt. She prefers to follow rather than lead. Her main social contact is [the person FD is going to make], her sparring buddy.
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