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    Quote Originally Posted by Psilulz View Post
    Yes, like that
    Of course, consequences are up to the DM.
    Not sure if this should simply be rolled 1/week, 1/node/week, or even 1/worker/week
    My gut is telling me 1/week, and let the DM choose who/what/where is affected
    I think I'd go even slower than 1/week. Life proceeds slowly and at ~50 checks per year, think about how much change that potentially introduces into a settlement. If a check can lead to even 3% improvement, you'll have a double-doubling every year. That is, if earnings at the start of the year are 100, by years end they'll be 400. But improvement of 3% in a single check won't *feel* like that much.

    I would probably shift to one check per season. That is ambiguous enough that the GM can define it to be whatever is necessary to help the narrative, but implies 3-4 checks per year and only when big things change. So in the spring you make a check when floods come and threaten to wipe out your bridges, in the summer you deal with bandits, in the fall you deal with the harvest, and in the winter you deal with the hunger. Each check can be meaningful but you don't suffer for compounded improvement.
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