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    Default Re: Things you never noticed II: I never noticed the first thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonCat View Post
    No, not the concept, but the term I've never heard anywhere else. Ever.
    TV Tropes never pretended to be inventing anything, only repertorying already-existing tropes. Including for tropes name; if there's a widely-known term used, it will get preference. "Jumping the Shark", "Hanging a Lampshade", "Breaking the Fourth Wall"... all those are descriptive terms used in fiction for a while already.

    PS: In your case, please consult "Older Than They Think".
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    DM: At the end of the meal, the innkeeper is bringing you the cheese plate. Roll for initiative.
    PC: Excuse me, what?
    DM: I said, roll for initiative. They like their cheese really ripe in these parts. They have the ooze type.

    "Excuse me, but... is it a GOOD or a BAD thing when the DM can't help bursting into laughter every time he hears the phrase 'level-appropriate encounter'? No, just curious..."