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    Apparently I'm a geek.. Who knew?

    I recently came across Scarlet-Devil's attempt to make a playlist and liked the idea. So here I go, making my own. A deal of the music here is scammed off of that thread. Suggestions and additions are very much welcomed. And requested. Seriously people, I need more music.

    The Fantastic Legend of Tohno - Travel, town or tavern

    Epic Music Mix III - EPIC.

    A Path of a Kingslayer - Intense Battle

    Anvil of Crom - Big Battle music

    Tavern at the End of World - Tavern or Downtime

    Evening in the Tavern - Upbeat tavern, mild celebration

    Walking the Streets of a Former Hell - Peaceful

    The Gensekyou the Godess Loved - Heroic Travel. :35 on, in particular.

    Agni Kai - Battle.

    Into the West - Conclusion

    Grey Havens - Awe, Peaceful

    End of All Things - Apocalypse

    Fields of Pelennor - Start to 1:20: Heroic, 1:20 on: Sinister

    All Shall Fade - Heroic Death

    Helm's Deep - Battle/Big Battle, Looming Doom

    The Shire - Peaceful Town, Homecoming

    Mos Eisley Cantina - ... Upbeat bar? Cantina. Random dancing monsters?

    - Badass, Timed battle, Evil. 2:14 on = Battle music

    Pandemonium - Destroyed town. Ruins. Mourning?

    Hope - Epic Battle. Awesome battle.

    The Call
    - End. Homecoming. Leaving.

    Earth - Creepy Town. Creepy in general. Walking the battlefield.

    I am the Doctor - Stress Music

    - Because Jaws.

    Battle in the Skies
    - Sinister

    Hero - Theme, Heroic

    Lu Bu's Theme - Battle. Winning.

    The End Run - Time's Running Out.

    Blinded by Light - Battle

    Oblivion Battle 2
    - Epic Travel, foreboding

    Peaceful Waters - Town, quiet after storm

    Japanese Music Box - Eerie.

    Carry on my Wayward Son - Character theme? End of big battle.

    Best Song Ever - Yes. Because yes. Everyone should use this.

    Zelda's Lullaby - Peaceful. Quiet town.

    Full of Grace - Conclusion. End of story. Things not looking up.

    Broken - Survived. Everything's falling apart.

    Blessing of Vivec - Ambient music. Town?

    - Victory

    Simple Song - It's a song. Background, storytelling. Bit sorrowful.

    Over the Dam - Preparing for the big one.

    Atlantica Online Battle Theme
    - Awesome battle theme.

    Final Fantasy Victory Theme
    - Cheesy Victory

    Through Fire and Flames - Heroic

    Battle Frontier
    - Looming, Sinister

    Dance of Curse
    - Stress, Epic

    I Don't Think Now is the Best Time - Build up music. Heroic.

    The Final Countdown - Just in case I need it. Or if a player is being over-dramatic. 1:57.

    We Are the Champions - Again. Just in case. :50.

    Dies Irae
    - Chanting.

    Mystical Touhou Classic - Mystical. Enchanted woods. The wild.

    An Ominous Place - Mild ominous music.

    Music of the Mediterranean - Desert music?

    Hidden Will to Fight - Showdown

    Murder - Ominous

    15 Ceremony Commences
    - Dramatic buildup

    Girei - Angelic

    Crimson Pirate Theme
    - Jolly Victory

    Macross Frontier
    - Heroic

    Dreamscapes and Wishes
    - Awe, victory

    Eirin's Theme - Upbeat battle music

    Necropolis - Sinister town

    Ride to Fort Hays
    - Travel

    Never Split the Party - Play whenever your players do this. Or as a party theme song.

    Make a Man Out of You - Training montage. And for Avatar fans.

    Pieśń Jana
    - Travel.

    Sea Theme - Travel. Sea Travel?

    I Want This World
    - Sinister

    Renegade - The theme song of PCs everywhere.

    Arafel's Lament - Sad song for elves. Or really, anyone that lives forever.

    March of Cambreadth
    - War tune. Determined.

    War March - Need I say more?

    Fire on the Sea
    - Great fight music. Or flee music.

    Pour Your Brother - Celebratory music.

    Töten Sie Sie - Battle music

    Lavender Town Reversed - Creepy, stressful.

    Lux Aeterna - Somber, sad.

    Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Main Theme
    - Heroic battle music

    Midsummer - Creepy fairy song.

    Heart of Courage - More Epic.

    Into Town - Town music.

    Divine Intervention - Epic, but not necessarily battle. Reveal?

    Night Ride Across Caucasus - Enchanting song. Entrancing Bard/Elves/Fey suggested.

    Minas Tirith - Good ambient music for heroics.

    Powered By Maxwell's Demon - Angelic/Heavenly Ascension

    Border of Life - Again, Angelic/Heavenly Ascension.

    -More Likely To Come-

    Anyone may feel free to use this compilation, of course. And I'd very much appreciate suggested additions.

    Specifically looking for hilarity, adventurous, and crazy music which I am lacking.

    I'd also love some more war tunes like March of Cambreadth.

    And pretty much any song or soundtrack you know of that you could ever envision having a use in a fantasy campaign.
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