Gelid Beetle
Monstrous beetles getting boring? Spice them up by giving them the Magical Beast type and a cold aura!

...Or, you know, just apply an elemental template to an already-existing giant beetle. It'd probably be more interesting.

The enimatic geons are basically boulders with legs and faces, given some sort of task by an unnammed earth deity that they won't hesitate to use force to keep going. They are very much a blank slate monster as far as fluff goes, so we're basically obligated to look at their game mechanics. First off, it's worthy of note that geons can somehow wield weapons in its feet and still keep stable. That's pretty impressive, considering that in such a case you'd basically have a geon balancing on one foot-hand while swinging a sword around in the other. Their magical abilities are what you'd expect, with earth-themed spells such as wall of stone and transmute rock to mud, as well as the ability to animate rocks in a way similar to how treants animate...well, trees. They are also immune to electricity, slightly resistant to fire, and vulnerable to cold, so there's that. All in all, a mechanically solid (no pun intended) CR 9 elemental that needs a bit of love and attention to craft it into something specific for your campaign.


Only two entries today, again, because the next set of entries are a group category like the dragons.