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    Necroclock Craftsman
    You have studied the intricate works of necroclock devices, thus granting you the skill to more readily assemble them.
    Prerequisite: Dexterity 15, craft (Necroclock) 5 ranks
    Benefit: You gain a +20 bonus on craft (Necroclock) checks when making necroclock gear components, and a +30 bonus on craft (Necroclock) checks when making necroclock devices.

    Other Items

    Energy Activation Stone
    These small black stones come in positive and negative energy varieties. Designed to facilitate the attaching of necroclock grafts for those who cannot cast spells or otherwise make the needed energy type on their own, energy activation stones can create a pulse of the energy type they possess. As a standard action, an energy activation stone can create a pulse with a range of touch dealing 1 negative energy damage, or 1 positive energy damage. Using this ability spends a charge of the stones power. The number of charges stones come with varies greatly.
    Weight: 1 pound
    Cost: 5 gold +1 gold per charge
    Craft: 1 pound of obsidian, 10 gold, 1 or more spell with positive or negative energy descriptor, DC 20 craft (gemcutting), 1 hour. Charges equal to sum of spell levels.

    Reserved for possible overflow/class.

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