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    Default [3.5e Bloodline] Remnant (PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Daverin View Post
    ... A Harrowed Bloodline?

    Sorry Welk. You now have to do that. You no longer have any choice in the matter...
    I'm counting that as a request. And we all know what I do about those. This one is based on Lord Gareth's Harrowed, a particularly exceptional base class that has resulted in the creation of at least a few prestige classes. Hopefully this bloodline does it justice.


    The Harrowed are the living vessels of beasts of unimaginable power and vileness. But what happens when a Harrowed has a child? A portion of the Beast shatters off from the whole, taking residence in the soul of the child. This child is a Remnant, a being containing a shred of the beast which plagues their parent. As they grow, the Remnant learns how to harness the power of their Shred, though still at a great risk. A Remnant can never be a Harrowed - The Shred occupies the space that a full Beast would, and as such the two are incompatible.

    1 Intimidate +2
    2 Intimidate +2 Shattered Beast, Tenebrous Touch 1d6, Harrowing
    3 Wisdom +1
    4 Intimidate +2 Shattered Beast, Tenebrous Touch 1d6, Harrowing Fearless
    5 Harrowed Affinity +2
    6 Wisdom +1 Tenebrous Touch 2d6, Harrowing
    7 Use Magic Device +2
    8 Shattered Beast, Tenebrous Touch 1d6, Harrowing Fearless Tenebrous Touch (Melee)
    9 Charisma +1
    10 Harrowed Affinity Tenebrous Touch 3d6, Harrowing
    11 Harrowed Affinity +4
    12 Wisdom +1 Tenebrous Touch 2d6, Harrowing Converse with Shred
    13 Sense Motive +2
    14 Use Magic Device +2 Tenebrous Touch 4d6, Harrowing
    15 Dexterity +1
    16 Fearless Tenebrous Touch (Melee) Feel My Pain
    17 Harrowed Affinity +6
    18 Charisma +1 Tenebrous Touch 5d6, Harrowing
    19 Survival +2
    20 Harrowed Affinity +2 Tenebrous Touch 3d6 Embrace the Beast

    Shattered Beast: The Remnant is home to a Shred, a fractured piece of a Beast. This monstrosity is the source of the Remnant's special powers, but also the source of the Remnant's grief. For whenever a Remnant utilizes their abilities, there is a chance that the Shred gains control, even if for a moment. This ability effectively functions as The Monster Within. When the Shred gains control, it lasts for 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level rounds, depending on bloodline strength.

    Tenebrous Touch: The most readily accessible power which the Remnant may draw upon is their Tenebrous Touch, a ray of destruction powered by the Shred's hatred. The Remnant gains Tenebrous Touch, as the Harrowed ability of the same name. At the level indicated in the above table the Remnant gains the ability to, as a swift action, infuse their melee weapon with their Tenebrous Touch. The Remnant is treated as if they had a number of Harrowed levels equal to 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level, depending on bloodline strength.

    Harrowing: Harrowings are the more complex powers that come from the Shred. As the Remnant grows in power, they gain access to new and ever more powerful Harrowings. At each level indicated, they gain one Harrowing of their choice. They must fulfill all requirements for the given Harrowing. For effects that depend on a Harrowed's level, the Remnant uses 1/4, 1/2 or 1X their level, depending on bloodlines strength.

    Fearless: What can ever compare to the piece of inhuman soul residing within the Remnant? How can anything ever cause fear once one has experienced that sense of helplessness. The Remnant gains immunity to fear effects.

    Harrowed Affinity: The Remnant spends their entire life trying to keep an unearthly spirit in check. It's no surprise they get good at negotiating with spirits. The Remnant gains a bonus on all interaction checks with supernatural creatures that control or manipulate mortals, such as Ghosts and many kinds of Fey.

    Converse with Shred: Apparently a the shred of an extraplanar entity that is the personification of chaos and evil doesn't make for the best company. But sometimes they're all you've got. And sometimes they can be useful. The Remnant gains the ability to speak freely with their Shred and adds their Charisma modifier to all Knowledge checks.

    Feel My Pain: The Remnant is constantly plagued by alien and evil thoughts. They don't have it near as bad as Harrowed, but they still must struggle for their sanity. Well at this point the Remnant has learned how to release an empathic burst, subjecting all enemies around them to the maddening voices they are constantly fighting. The Remnant can cast Confusion once per day as a spell-like ability. Caster level is equal to the Remnant's level and the save is Charisma based.

    Embrace the Beast: You know what? To the Nine Hells with it. The Remnant has mastered the art of... giving up. They learn how to give into their Shred, letting it take full control of them. The Shred gains control of the Remnant as if they had failed a Shattered Beast check, lasting for a number of rounds equal to the Remnants level, as usual. Additionally the Shred is free to augment the Remnant with some of their true strength, temporarily increasing the Remnant's Strength and Constitution by six each for the duration. This increases the Remnant's HP, but this is lost when the Embrace ends. It is highly recommended that the Remnant Converse with their Shred prior to Embracing to ensure that they do not fry the party. Embracing is extremely cathartic for the Shred and they would hate to lose the opportunity to go beserk on some enemies, whether good or evil. As such, they are usually agreeable as to conditions of the Embrace as long as they still get to wreak some havoc.

    And so ends another attempt to twist other people's ideas into the shape of a Bloodline. Feedback, suggestions, and requests are always welcome. Lord Gareth, I apologize if I horribly mangled the concept of the Harrowed. If I did so, it was unintentional. Just forget this ever happened.
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