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I see alot of potential in this, after the ozodrin, we can probably expect great things from this.
Glad to see you like where this is going so far. Hope it lives up to your expectations.

Anyway, a number of minor changes have been made (many of which I've likely forgotten). Tendons now have 1 more trait (elasticity) which is used to determine the amount a gear component may be wound.
Larger changes include rules for making gear components that are more complex due to using more tendons than normally required. Also added a new gear component, and a new material (animated hide) as well as giving a slight bonus for using more costly animated materials in covers (namely, the ability to feel).

Somewhat larger addition is rules for using necroclock devices to remove limits on ones lifespan, though it does require some difficulty in actually adding the needed necroclock grafts. For now assume that the instillation process overcomes the risk of dying due to lacking vital organs temporarily. I may later make an external life support device required. Also made simple versions of the devices needed to live indefinitely.