This is pretty good. I've always loved the Harrowed class, and it's always nice to see another one of your bloodlines, so I took a look at this expecting a good bloodline, but not a Harrowed one. It's like getting a one-scoop ice cream cone then getting an extra scoop free.

That said, looks good overall. Still, I feel that Embrace the Beast should have a Dark Deal(feat for Harrowed) sort of deal, as for all any player knows, if they let the beast run wild, where's their guarantee it'll do any good for the party? Might actually end up being harmful, for all they know. So, just saying there should be a little countermeasure to make it a little more appealing to use.

Also, as long as you're taking requests for class bloodlines, I wouldn't mind a Death Knight or Entity bloodline, if you could.