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    Missy Halifax
    Submission-In-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax
    "Sorry, Zee, but one of you is still awake."

    Alias: Missy or Halifax to her friends. She sometimes answers to Submission, which is what her parents called her.
    Species: humanish
    Sex: Female
    Profession: Remnant Praetorian Guard
    Age: 27
    Power Rating: In full armour: scary. Outside armour: still kinda scary, due to wired reflexes and other cybernetics
    Armour: Celerity customized Praetorian armour
    Left shoulder mounted EvAT-1
    Right arm - flamethrower nozzle
    Both arms - rifle barrels


    Backstory: Missy was born into an obscure religious sect with rigid rules, including being highly pacifistic, to the point of not believing in self-defense. She was always somewhat rebellious against their strictures, and when she was seventeen, she ended up pregnant. She had thought that she and her boyfriend Nathaniel would get married and raise the baby together, but when the child was born, it was whisked away from her by her parents and given to an adoptive family. They had convinced her boyfriend to give evidence to prove she was an unfit mother, and tried to use the experience to help her reform and be a good little Orthodox Arnaudin again. She ran away from home soon afterwards and ended up becoming a soldier in the city guard, mostly as a way of burning her bridges, but ended up really believing in her job, and in the necessity of violence. She is rabidly devoted to Vasquez, and slightly mistrusts Edijar because they were on different sides during the coup against Vyrn's rule. Subconsciously, she thinks of herself as a sacrifice for the city, taking on herself the sin of violence in order to allow others to live sinless lives.

    She got her cybernetics years back to give her an edge in combat. She was naturally clumsy before then. Her cybernetics include wired reflexes, enhanced eyesight (not replaced eyes though), and a neural net.

    Missy has had poor luck in love. She doesn't like to date other soldiers, but she feels awkward around civilians. She does love to dance though, and has legs to die for.


    Missy's parents are Blessed-Are-The-Meek and Clemency Halifax

    (The adoptive parents are Peter and Sonja Flores and the son is a stocky dark skinned ten year old boy named Halifax)

    Onscreen Events:
    Helped blow up K'rax-Naggath's brain
    Met Zee's children

    Splinter (Doomed!) Timeline:
    Missy went to find her parents, for the first time since she ran away, to find out from them where her child had been placed. Her parents were dead, but she found a box of photos and letters, which was when she learned her child was a son. When she arrived, her son and his adoptive mother was still alive, but the father had been killed and replaced by a shoggoth. After his slip was caught by his wife, Missy killed him.

    Returns to her parents home
    Meets her son

    Possessions: Beargon gift from Magtok, Battlearmor "Celerity", The auction prize: A set of models of the IAV Haven, IAV Sanctuary, IAV Spectre, and IAV Supremacy, the four gigantic aircraft that have served with or been built by the predecessors of Remnant and the Altaran Irregulars. Haven was the original, a 'conventional' aerial battlecruiser with immense combat power and durability, sadly hijacked and crashed into a previously peaceful protest against the Empire. The Spectre, a less-powerful craft with advanced stealth capabilities, was never used by the Empire, Remnant, or the Irregulars, as it was hijacked by a rogue Imperial officer and later reappeared and crashed near the GLoG's campsite. The Supremacy saw use with the Empire, its two most distinct features being its twin gigantic Supremacy Beam Cannons, intended for use against other aircraft of unusually large size. It was lost in a crash linked to the Imperial Vanishing.

    The Sanctuary, of course, remains in service today.

    Of course, to those paying attention, this calls a number of things into question. Vyrn was in power for three of those aircraft to be around in his original reign, those being Haven, Sanctuary, and Spectre, so it's possible he managed to retain the schematics for them. He was not around for Supremacy's construction and launch, and there is no reason he should have the design. Yet the model is entirely flawless. The thing's model Supremacy Beam Cannons can even move just like the real thing's. Though no one who isn't a Remmie is likely to realize the oddity, as no one else would likely have the details and experience to know about the thing.

    Other than that, it seems the value in this is mostly historical. The proceeds from this will go to an independent nonprofit reconstruction group in Inside that specializes in disaster relief.
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