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    Cuthun Demons

    Please note that 'mortal' in this write up basically means 'non-demon' and nothing else. Or more specifically, anything else that aren't these type of demons.

    Appearance and Physical Traits
    Demons can look like any species and any race as they originally once were these creatures but have been changed to serve a new purpose. That said, demons always seem to change in such a way that they are more specialized at what their non-demonic counterpart were best at.

    Dwarves would be sturdier and stronger, elves would be more agile and charismatic, humans more ambitious and versatile etc.
    This is however very much effected by individualistic traits of the demon which can lead the transformation into completely different ways.

    However all demons share a few number of traits, they don't need to breath, eat, sleep, doesn't age and are empowered by an magical energy that seems to define them as demons. This is described further in the "Skills and Abilities" section.

    If a demon runs out of this energy and can't regenerate, they will eventually suffer the same consequences as a non-demonic being not having being to breath for a longer time.

    There are two types of demons however, lesser and higher ones.

    Lesser demons are often originally animals who have been turned but can also be more intelligent species. What defines them is their lack of sapiens and their irrational hate against all mortals. Lesser demons unguided by a higher demon just mindlessly attempts to kill all mortal life they can see. They serve the first higher demon whom commands them unquestionably.

    Higher demons are sapient and are as diverse as mortals when it comes to moral questions. While many of them hate mortals as much as their lesser kind, far from all of them do. They were mortals once after all.

    Higher demons are also able to give commands to lesser demons who pretty much functions as very aggressive dogs for them as they are able to issue very complex orders without any questions.

    Skills and Abilites
    The demonic essence all demons have boosts their generation rate massively and makes them to be able to survive in such hostile environments as outer space and the loss of body parts whose which would kill a normal being such as a brain or a heart.

    It can also be used to boost the demons physical traits for a short time. It's not infinite however and once it runs out the demon will die as easy as it's non-demonic counterpart. The demon always slowly recharges this energy as long it haven't been in contact with silver, mithril and dragon bone lately.
    Contact with these materials also makes the demon unable to use the demonic energy. In the case of dragonbone it will eventually turn the demon into whatever mortal counter part it had.

    Otherwise demons have the more specialized and usually empowered versions of the abilities their mortal counter-part had.

    Birth, Life and Death
    Demons are either turned mortals or 'copies' of turned mortals. Copies are directly produced by Cuthun, the demon world (which is more of a universe) and are always lesser demons. Turned mortals can be higher demons if they were intelligent before they were turned however but this is not always the case depending how the mortal is transformed (which again depends on individualistic personal traits).

    Mortals can also be turned by the essence of Cuthun, often carried in small amulets. Demons produced by these kinds of amulets are said to often be higher demons and also less aggressive as well as being more powerful. This might be a myth however.

    When a demon dies it's entire body breaks down into magical energy in the matter of minutes which then returns to the demon world. In case of demons turned by amulets or demonic children this process is far slower however.

    Demons that

    Demons can reproduce with other races and each other but only those their non-demonic counter-part were able to reproduce with. Children produced by demons often seem to have the same mortal needs as their non-demonic counter-part (such as the need to feed, breath etc.)

    Demonic flesh and blood contain a magical poison which will kill (or at least severely weaken) those who consume it unless they have resistance against magic. There are a few types of creatures whom are even able to absorb the demonic energy the demons contains and 'steal' the magical abilities they had.

    Demons have two languages they are born with, any being infected with the demonic essence will eventually be able to understand and speak both of them. The first language is called Theradun and is directly stolen from the first world invaded by the demons.

    The second language is called 'snakes tongue' and have the special ability of somehow being able to be understood by everyone that hears it. This is not a written language in which most demons use Theradun.

    Demons are widespread all over the multiverse and have adopted to a wast number of different societies. The majority of their own society is however based around their six gods.

    The six demon gods are said to be the first demons, created directly out of the very mind of Cuthun. They are extremely powerful but now rarely interferes at all any more for reasons on their own.

    Demonic society is usually a hierarchy, at the bottom are all the lesser demons and from there there are a complex network of higher demons. Demons love such titles as 'sultan', 'sovereign', 'lord' and other titles they steal from other societies and worlds.

    Most of their society is directly or indirectly controlled by one of the demon gods but there are many instances of demons breaking away from them due various reasons.

    The six gods are called Yigoth, Levithus, Setherel, Azurnizum, Natharnius and Luthrien and all have various agendas and ideologies.

    Yigoth is the one that have interacted with the nexus the most. He's obsessed with the 'purity' of the demon race and won't allow any demons that have been turned or created by Cuthun to live. He is by far the most aggressive of the demon gods and is sadly the first and only demon god mortals get in touch with.

    All his forces are solely focused on one goal, the complete destruction of all mortals and unpure demons. He especially hate mothers and children who represent the 'unpurity' of the world.

    According to the teachings of Yigoth, Cuthun is sleeping and have dreamed this world into being. It was once a paradise (which is suggested to have been 'pure' in the way nothing existed) but life then came into being, corrupting it. Yigoth and all whom serves him's goal is the purge the dream of this corruption and then once all that is done also kill themselves.

    Yigoth is perhaps due his nature, served by more lesser demons then the other demon gods. His tactics often involve swarming the enemy with was numbers that are gated in from one of their many host worlds.
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