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    Harin Grael

    Alias: Mist
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Enhanced Fogborn (Fogborn will be detailed later - for now, suffice it to say they look mostly human, but have some weird powers when it comes to mist)
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Some form of good, probably neutral or chaotic.
    Class/Profession: Mage of some kind. Decker.
    Power Rating: Probably 3-4 on Quinsar's scale, maybe going into a very minor 5. Anywhere from C- to C+ on Neon Knight's.
    Description: Harin is a medium height male with bone-white hair. He has dark grey eyes, but in the same way that Fremen have blue ones. He is fairly thin. He also has several gadgets implanted in him, including a Shadowrun-style cyberdeck, and has shaved the right side of his head so that he can use the jacks there. He usually wears his armored coat, which is, for purposes of description, a floor length white leather jacket. He has a tattoo of a dark blue dragon, the had of which starts on his left cheek, and continues down as though it were perched on his back and looking around from the right.
    Equipment: Armored jacket, cyberdeck, a small flechette gun (This would be the Ares Viper he carries in Shadowrun, so think of it as one if it helps you visualize it), the uniform of the Firebrand, the ship he was apparently serving on before some sort of attack or accident (An Alliance uniform from Firefly, quite literally), and 10 memory chips, at least one of which is in one of the slots in his head at all times. He also has fairly good amount of money (50 Platinums, 50 ACs (Alliance Credits)).

    Implants: Harin has had some minor muscle and reflex enhancements, and the slots for a deck and memory chips. He also has the implants needed to store his experiences in said chips, as long as they're in a slot.

    Abilities: Harin can turn to mist, use fairly good magic, and do some first-aid. He's also not too bad with magical theory, and can use a motorcycle fairly well.
    Backstory: Harin was, apparently, serving in some capacity on an Alliance ship, probably one that was sucked into here at some point. More details later, maybe.
    Miscellaneous: Nothing yet, though this will probably contain a link to the Fogborn's entry at some point.
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