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Looking at what people have been posting so far, I tend to agree that there is at least some randomness to these mailouts. I placed my order for two books on Mar 15 at 2208 hours PDT and had an order #8127 (Ha! beat you by one number chorpler). My last name starts with an M, I got the email last Sunday; left Houston, TX on Monday; arrived in Portland, OR Tuesday; made it to Roseburg, OR Wednesday; was placed in my mailbox on Thursday. I was very glad to get the books as soon as I did but could not have complained if I had been further back in the mailing list. I just hope that all you readers overseas don't have some of the Customs problems that sometimes happen.
Aw, man! ;) So it does seem like order-of-ordering doesn't matter. I still haven't gotten any e-mail, a week after you.