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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    List of Incomplete Requests:

    •Kris Strife: Two-part request (G-Gundam one)
    •Caboose: Nocturne Pony
    •Terazul: Mordekaiser Pony
    •SiuiS: Officer Pony
    •homestar3.14: Homestar Canter (Eruantion)
    •Grif Earth pony
    •Rush the Cat: Earth pony and earth pony (together)
    •snake obsidian: Unicorn pony, perhaps an alicorn too
    •Turtleey: Earth pony
    •Bloodhound: Pegasus pony
    •Rush the Cat: Karin pony
    •Rush the Cat: Sakura pony
    •Rush the Cat: Maria pony
    •Sammiches: Destroyman pony
    •Lix Lorn: Henry Cooldown pony
    •Rodny: Pegasus pony
    •KingOfLaughter: Unicorn pony
    •Grim ranger: Earth pony
    •GFawkes: Gordon Freeman pony
    •Necro_EX: Unicorn pony
    •Titanium Fox: Earth pony
    •Theoboldi: Unicorn pony
    •The Grimmace: Earth pony
    •lord pringle: Unicorn pony

    Quote Originally Posted by Soft Serve View Post
    I would like a "Queen of Blades" version of the following pony.

    Reference pictures of what I'm expecting. Warning, Zerg Fluttershy, and not the Toy Story Zerg. Starcraft Zerg.

    Coat Color: A dark Blue
    Gender: Female obviously
    Type: Pegasus
    Mane Color and Style: Style the same as in the first picture, mane color Dark Blue.
    Cutie Mark: Same as Zerg!Shy's in the first one.
    Pose: Same as Zerg!Shy in the first one
    Expression: Evil smile

    She's very blue.
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