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List of Incomplete Requests:

•Kris Strife: Two-part request (G-Gundam one)
•Caboose: Nocturne Pony
•Terazul: Mordekaiser Pony
•SiuiS: Officer Pony
•homestar3.14: Homestar Canter (Eruantion)
•Grif Earth pony
•The Dark Fiddler: Earth pony
•Rush the Cat: Earth pony and earth pony (together)
•snake obsidian: Unicorn pony, perhaps an alicorn too
•Turtleey: Earth pony
•Bloodhound: Pegasus pony
•Rush the Cat: Karin pony
•Rush the Cat: Sakura pony
•Rush the Cat: Maria pony
•Sammiches: Destroyman pony
•Lix Lorn: Henry Cooldown pony
•Rodny: Pegasus pony
•KingOfLaughter: Unicorn pony
•Grim ranger: Earth pony
•GFawkes: Gordon Freeman pony
•spirit300064: BLU sniper pony
•Necro_EX: Unicorn pony
•Titanium Fox: Earth pony

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She's very blue indeed.

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