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Has anyone had trouble tracking their package on the Endicia site that the email links to so that you can track your package? I got my email saying that my package would ship on 8/4, but the Endicia site and the USPS tracking site have no information at all for my tracking number. I'm curious if anyone that already received their copy had trouble tracking their package.
Just received mine about half an hour ago, and I don't have any tracking issues on my end. Though, I do hear that a lot of those tracking updates are more bound by the honor system on the deliverer's end than anything else, so it's possible someone at the post office is feeling grumpy or something.

That said, this is my first OotS book, is the material/ink quality of this one comparable to the others? It looks and feels quite a bit nicer than what I was expecting. Naturally, I haven't been able to read it yet, though.