I just got back into the office after Gen Con and have not read this entire thread. Let me say a couple things, though:

1) I think that I've mentioned before, but tracking numbers are not useful. It's not a problem with us or Endicia, but rather with USPS - they simply don't do well in that area.

2) All of the pre-orders are NOT yet out. My shipping manager has been in the hospital since Thursday and I have been at Gen Con. She hopes to be back at it on Wed and it will be 2-3 more days after that before she and the crew finishes.

3) I see that there are jillions (or whatever is bigger than jillions - quintjillions?) of "where's my book" emails in my Inbox. I'm not sure I'll actually get to answer them all - I just ask that you hold your horses. We said this could take 2 weeks, and even with the lost time due to illness we think we'll still hit 2 weeks.