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I just got back into the office after Gen Con and have not read this entire thread. Let me say a couple things, though:

1) I think that I've mentioned before, but tracking numbers are not useful. It's not a problem with us or Endicia, but rather with USPS - they simply don't do well in that area.
I have to agree with this. In my experience tracking is completely useless and pointless, and this has been my experience with all shipped items, not just OotS books. Just ignore the tracking info.
2) All of the pre-orders are NOT yet out. My shipping manager has been in the hospital since Thursday and I have been at Gen Con. She hopes to be back at it on Wed and it will be 2-3 more days after that before she and the crew finishes.
That's sad to hear. I hope she's okay. This news is a bit aggravating since mine isn't shipped yet, but I suppose another week or two isn't that big of a deal.
3) I see that there are jillions (or whatever is bigger than jillions - quintjillions?) of "where's my book" emails in my Inbox. I'm not sure I'll actually get to answer them all - I just ask that you hold your horses. We said this could take 2 weeks, and even with the lost time due to illness we think we'll still hit 2 weeks.
For a big number you cold go with a googolplex. Alternatively, using Knuth's Arrow Notation never hurts.