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1) I think that I've mentioned before, but tracking numbers are not useful. It's not a problem with us or Endicia, but rather with USPS - they simply don't do well in that area.
Not quite so sure that the problem is with USPS so much as the computers at Endicia and USPS, I don't think they like each other. This is the third time I have placed an order and the confirmation email said to "go to this link". Twice with Ookoodook and once with another company. All three times the link did not work at all or would say item not found untill I already had the package. But going to the USPS site directly and typing the number in myself it came up right away this time. Last time the info was a day late but still close. Now for those who are overseas I have no advice at all since while the package is in customs Odin may know what is happening to it but us mere mortals not a clue.