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I just got back into the office after Gen Con and have not read this entire thread. Let me say a couple things, though:

1) I think that I've mentioned before, but tracking numbers are not useful. It's not a problem with us or Endicia, but rather with USPS - they simply don't do well in that area.
USPS "tracking" is useless. It often tells my my package is still "in transit" days after it arrived.

2) All of the pre-orders are NOT yet out. My shipping manager has been in the hospital since Thursday and I have been at Gen Con. She hopes to be back at it on Wed and it will be 2-3 more days after that before she and the crew finishes.
I hope she recovers quickly! We'll wait patiently for our shipping e-mail. (Well, maybe not patiently, but quietly at least )