Well I got a new idea for some small strips 3-4 panel long.

The idea is to take a League of Legends Char and let some reporter ask a question. The chars will then answer this question in a comedical way like this:

Reporter: Ms. Nidale in every game you throw hundreds of spears. Where do you get so many spears?

Nidale: It is only one spear Mr. Reporter. If you know DnD you may have noticed that you can enchant a spear so that he allways returns after it hit the target.

Reporter: but Ms. Nidalle DND doesn't work in league of Legends.

Nidale blush.

Nidale: Oh, damn you got me. I just bought them 1000 for 1 it was a good deal and I hided them all over the map.

Reporter: Well spectators there you see another question to the league of Legends is solved. Please turn on again when we clear why Trynda can't die with his Ultimate.

Well I thought that everyone yould ask questions. The only thing I need would be some help by the text (You may have found a dozen of mistakes) and maybe by the drawing.