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Durarara is based on a long running light novel, like baccano and it's authored by the same author. And like baccano, it only covers a small part of the whole series.

Durarara got 26 episodes, the latter half will have an overreaching plot that will reach a conclusion, but it won't actually reach a real 'series end' at the end of the run because there are still other novels.

So yeah. I can only bite my nails at the end of the series, because it's ending the series when for me, it's getting to the really awesome part.
Awww, well that kind of sucks :-(. Any idea if there is plans to make any more episodes? I'm really enjoying it thus far, will be sad if I end up REAALLY enjoying it, only for it to be ended permanently.

Also, for Manga lovers, has anyone bothered to go to their local Borders bookstores that are closing down? Mine has had it's closing sale for I think 3 1/2 weeks now, and the Manga section is virtually untouched still, kinda surprising. Sadly I don't have the money for it, but I imagine maybe people just don't really realize that Borders has a Manga section ^^