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    Quote Originally Posted by happyturtle View Post
    Skies over K'rax

    Submission-In-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax (aka Missy), Praetorian guard, is hovering, cloaked in her power armour, more than a thousand feet overhead, just after setting off the explosives that killed K'rax Naggath. Her heads-up display, previously showing the locations of the entire team, has gone disturbingly blank. Only one other blinking dot, besides her own.

    "Base, this is Salvation Team. Primary mission completed. Casualties: Four MIA. Situation: Squidzilla is here. We need backup, now." she says over the radio.

    The radio is silent.

    "Base, this is Salvation Team. Respond."


    "Well, ****."
    Psyoplane - Skies over K'rax
    'John' was forced back into the Pysoplane due to orders from his superiors. He watched as Missy was unable to contact her Base. He wished he was stronger, he could have stopped this if he was stronger!
    He was left with only one thing he could do now. Guide and Empowerer Mortals. Thanks to being on the Pysoplane, he could see everything happening on the Prime Material Plane, while nothing that is on the Prime Material Plane can see him. Only those who can travel into the Pysoplane can theoritically detect him. He moved behind Missy and whispered into her ear though it would be like a thought coming into her head for her.
    "Don't let them catch you. The base is probably gone."
    Well, Missy was as good as any to Guide and Empowerer.

    These are all attempted.
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