A girl, human above her shoulders and in figure but feathered and with bird-like wings and talons below, looks aside with a twitch and looks shocked at a strange gun fastened to the side of her baggy pants. A light blinks rapidly on it.

"Not good, not good at all. I probably won't like staying around"

Meanwhile, a Kobold in mechanical armour looks curiously at the sky while the Hound following it whimpers.


A mechanical being, copper and steel shell and an array of gears inside an exposed chest and abdomen, looks at the sky in a way that almost makes one insert the sigh as a human and yet somehow inhuman hand jabs through her power source and kills AM4.

As Lucy's body walks through the explosion devastating a large chunk of the Docks, It laughs.

The Monster of Kirkbride Sanitarium is back, and Reinholdt will soon feel It's punishment.


In the air, the Pixie Lewis twitches irritatingly and flutters around, trying to get a better look at the faraway R'lyeh.

On the ground, an armoured Ex-Fae is curiously absent, only his armour staying behind like a strange statue.