The MagCave

Then, just like that, it was over. The party, the fun, the excitement, all gone. Every one of his guests rushing home without a second thought, back to their organizations to plan the counter-attack, to mount their defenses, to stop enjoying themselves in their last moments and instead dedicate the rest of their short lives to outlasting everyone else. Pitiful, meaningless ends to pitiful, meaningless people. Not even a glance shot towards their gracious host, who'd been more than willing to put up with their uninvited antics in his lair.

Well who fudging needs them?! Not Magtok, that's who! They can all go ahead and waste away without him, he has bigger and better things to do! saving civilization! The Lovecraftian beasts can take Inside, they can swallow up Watchtower, they can chow down on as much GLoG as they want, but the MagCave will stand! No matter how many disgusting fishmen are stacked against its walls, this cyborg's lair will never fail. Never!

"Mainframe! I need you to contact Zee, Vasquez, Sunny, DC, Reinholdt, Grace, and Raril immediately, and bring them here. Limit two guests per contact, and five minutes to pack the essentials. If they don't comply, take them by force. We need the best and brightest of the Nexus under one roof if we're going to survive this. Oh, and Rot too. Mostly for experimentation and as part of our defense force. Vampiric immortality and whatnot."

Mag's scowls, watching a MagSat feed displaying the chaos and terror down in Inside. His only regret is that he hadn't put more time towards planning for a disaster like this, that all those previous apocalypses had given him an undeserved arrogance and faith in the Nexus's ability to weather any storm. Maybe it's too late now, maybe it isn't. Only time will tell.