I think Nadas has lost his ability to speak properly at the moment!
Maybe dragging him away from the insane causing monstrosities will help recover that for a bit. Yay for portals!


Reinholdt, last I checked, in comparison with the timing, was just about to be tortured by Michalson. Since his player mentioned not participating in this plot, I'll just assume Michalson disappears suddenly due to timey-wimey stuff.
Of course, that leaves one shaved cat alone in a torture chamber.
"Ummm.... hello?"


Fez Hat Reinholdt kitty, who is a completely different one and was supposed to be the only one here just to make him interesting, peers out a window.

"Oh mai." o.O

He scurries out the back. There are monsters destroying buildings here. He does not want to be anywhere near here.