So very screwed.

Spread over the city K'rax' remaining chimeras do their best to fend off the encroaching forces of hostile starspawn. They're certainly powerful little beasties, but the servants of the other Old Ones are being replenished faster than they can be killed.

It's only a matter of time before there aren't any friendly Far things left in the city.

Only the sort that want to nom everyone.

Zee is understandably unable to answer Magtok's call to meet him at the MagCave. If her little puppet-body is warped in then Magtok will be the proud owner of a totally comatose Zee.


[Here And There and Everywhere]

After using the unconscious Warden's 'key' to unlock what remains sealed Ol Squidbeard stomps off out of the city toward the mountains in the distance. Probably going to reshape them into a massive throne to watch over this new world from.

A number of other lesser Old Ones are slowly awakening. The nastier creatures had been successfully sealed by the efforts of the heroes. But... well... There are a lot of Old Ones.

Starspawn of Cthulhu slink through the streets of the city, accompanied by the servants of other Old Ones as well as various vile things such as shoggoths and dimensional shamblers. Looking for mortal survivors...

The usual trap is simple enough.

A shoggoth assumes a human shape and gets a limb crushed under some rubble. Begins calling out for help. It's always just a matter of time before some foolish hero arrives...