K'rax's Body

The Order will set about trying to make their way back to Trog's to guard it and set it up as an evacuation point.

Red Zone

Rileybeast strides amidst the destruction in a more human form, looking for gullible prey.

Yellow Zone-Near Docks

Phil prepares his warehouse's defenses, his robotic horde following him anxiously.
"No epic speech this time, lads. We guard the warehouse, we get as many people as we can onto the ships, and we leave. Start searching for survivors."
The robots emit a hail of affirming beeps and clicks and set about their tasks!

Null Zone

Steve the bitebeast paces anxiously back and forth down his empty street, wishing he could leave the accursed block, that he could go out and help, but there is nothing he can do until the curse is lifted, save fight those starspawn that come to him.

Blue Zone

Leauhon and Ellis are back! Unfortunately, roads filled with debris and monsters have taken a toll on their car, and the two are now stuck in the blue zone without transport!