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    Rae sits on the ruined wooden body of a beast. He thought just Lord Gazebo was bad enough. "Nice way to spend a wedding day." He says, sarcastically, looking up at the sky to watch the destruction raining down. He got lucky this time. His parents left with Saera when all of this started going down, and he managed to convince Em to go with them. He told her he'd be there soon. For some reason she listened. It wasn't like her, but he's happy that she's safe.

    "Oh well, better get going if I'm gonna do anything." He says, and heads toward the infirmary. Someone there he needs to talk to. He's just walking, it'll give him a little time to think. I probably shouldn't have ignored all of those signals my ring was sending me, but it was my wedding day. I didn't want it postponed even more. "Nexus had survived three apocalypses without my help since I'd gotten here," I thought, "what's the harm in ignoring a fourth?" Well... I may not have been able to stop this, but I could have helped. Too late for that, though. Here's the infirmary.

    Inside the infirmary, Rae finds his clone, sleeping on one of the beds. Rae shakes his head. "Slept through the apocalypse. It figures." He shakes Crae awake, and begins talking. "Crae, apocalypse happened, and I'm about to do something that will almost certainly get me killed. You gonna come too?" His clone thinks for a second before responding.

    "No, I think I'm gonna go play with my dog." Crae says, smiling and standing up, heading out of the infirmary.

    [Denim Cabin]

    After a few minutes, Crae arrives at Denim Cabin, where he is greeted by his happy little hellhound Delilah! She pounces upon him, knocking him to the ground and nuzzling Crae with her wet nose! "Hey there, Delilah! The apocalypse happened!" He says, petting his very good doggie! "So we're gonna take a little walk! To Inside! Remember, the place where we first met? Yeah!" Crae gets up and starts running toward Inside, Delilah keeping pace with him! It's monster hunting time!

    [Back In the Infirmary!]

    Rae turns to leave. Well, he did tell Em he'd be there soon. His parents living in heaven does make some things easier sometimes, and he is absolutely positive that he's going to die. "But then again, maybe not," he says, a sudden smile on his face. Optimism, hope, stupidity? It's a smile of one of those things. He begins flapping his wings, heading of toward the mountains. If he can't punch out Old Squidface, he's at least going to get a punch in.
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