[Cat Rescues Person!]


"Thank you," the trapped NPC says. "I thought I was a goner for sure."

That's really nice of you Fez Rein! Going and helping that poor lady. What a noble and selfless thing to OHGODSTHAT'SASHOGGOTH!

The woman erupts into a frothing mass of tarry black flesh and sickly green light, aiming to lash innumerable malformed limbs around the poor kitty and simply envelope him. Should Fez Hat Rein get caught he'll probably suffer a rather horrific death as his bio-mass is absorbed into the shoggoth.

What a terrible way to go.

Reduced to a cat-boy sized lump of shoggoth goop. Will he escape?

Or is he doomed?

[Toward the Mountains]

Rae is headed straight for Ol' Squidbeard! The literal mountain of flabby green flesh doesn't even seem to notice him. No doubt he's busy communing with the Primordials.

At his feet hundreds of humanoids of all kinds dance and revel and kill each other in an orgy of decadence and violence. The Old One doesn't appear to notice them, either.

[At the Foot of K'rax]

The Warden of the Veil lays motionless.

But here she is in the mortal world. And the Stars Are Right. Will something as simple as a few explosives keep her still for long?

[Becket and Friend]

Come with me if you want to live?

Well it's time to run regardless.

As the pair race through the cramped side streets of Inside it really isn't too long before they happen upon something terrible.

It looks like someone skinned a pig. And then ripped its muscle fibers apart in places. And then stuck eyes and teeth into said rips. It's legs look like they were stolen from a crab and its head looks like a ring of muscle stuffed with tendrils near to the bursting point. A single bat-like wing extends from the middle of its spine.


It's feeding a less fortunate citizen of Inside.

Doesn't seem to have noticed them yet...