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    After 18 months or more of hard work, I have finally watched the entire back catalogue of Doctor Who. Blimey!

    Now bereft of my fix, my plan is to post what I think to be the highlights of each season, to provoke discussion, dissension or bemusement. I'm not going to spoiler them as I'll try to be circumspect about details, and it seems pointless spoilering a show thats over 40 years old. Classic Who has Seasons (1-26), NuWho has Series (1-6 so far). I'll throw out a new season every now and again.

    For each series I'll try to choose 2, maybe 3 of what I consider to be the best stories, which may comprise any number of actual episodes (somewhere between 1-14, typically 4 or 6). Older Who is nearly always episodic, with NuWho most episodes are self-contained. Feel free to expand on my brief comments, agree, disagree etc. This is, after all, purely subjective.

    And so it begins...

    Season One (1963-64)
    First Doctor/Susan/Ian/Barbara

    An Unearthly Child – well, you have to start at the very beginning, and actually this first episode is very well done, utilising some wonderful atmospheric direction and feels very filmic. The three attached episodes are less interesting for their straightforwardness, but still quite well shot, and I like how the cave-people are utterly unable to grasp the concept of compassion – they see it, but it just slides off them because they are too primitive.

    The Daleks – a.k.a. The Mutants until the Third Doctor went and had an adventure called The Mutants. Again, it’s worth it just for the first glimpse of the daleks. The story itself is pretty much a simple run-around and probably not the greatest bit of Who, let alone TV in general, but there are some nice design elements to the Dalek City.

    The Aztecs – a nice little historical tale where all the regulars get something to do, and probably the point where Barbara grows a pair. Works by taking itself seriously.

    Honourable Mentions
    Marco Polo – also a good historical, and an epic story in its own right, but unfortunately you can only get it in photo-reconstructions, which never quite convey the same impression.

    The Sensorites – a bit of a mess of a story, and the acting from the two astronauts in the first two episodes is woeful, but interesting for one of the few attempts to show humanoid aliens in the early show. See the fore-runners for the Ood, and I like the Sensorites telepathic communicator discs – daft yet appropriate.
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