The good news is, my copy of the book arrived on Monday! (It would've arrived on Saturday, but I had it sent to my work address, which is closed on the weekends...)

The bad news is, the book has a big "impact ding" which affects the entire upper right-hand corner! (I'm not talking just the tip of the corner, but a good inch-and-a-half! If I knew how to upload pictures here, I'd post one...)

While I appreciate that the shipping folks put the book in a padded flat-rate envelope and also put the book inside a Tyvek priority envelope inside the padded envelope, it wasn't enough to prevent damage in this instance. (I assume there is no recourse for this sort of thing, as the damage isn't severe enough to make the book unreadable, just unattractive to someone as picky as I am...? )

Myself, whenever I ship anything like this out in a padded envelope, I put some kind of reinforcement material inside the envelope to give it added rigidity/support. I might suggest in future that the packing people use a cardboard flat-rate envelope inside the padded envelope instead of the Tyvek one, seeing as how they're already taking the time to put one envelope inside the other, and the Post Office provides them free of charge...

Cheers, JohnH / Wanda