First, let me compliment you on outdoing yourself in terms of utterly, utterly horrifying avatars, Tengu.

Secondly, let me begin selling you on Steins;Gate. It is a show about SCIENCE! with Yagami Light's voice actor channeling his talent for insanity towards basically acting like a spark from Girl Genius instead of towards being a megalomaniac. He is surrounded by a moderately large cast of detailed and developed characters, all of whom are decidedly strange but still comprehensible and likable and several of whom are really good depictions of nerds.

There is also the sense of unraveling a complex mystery and dodging the potentially villainous people at its heart that Eden of the East has. The focus on more or less deadbeat urban youths tinkering with great inventions is similar to that show as well, though certainly more fantastic in approach.

Also, it has a character nicknamed Shining Finger, gellified time traveling bananas and one of the funniest Engrish lines ever. And, really, who can resist a show where ordinary physicists manage to lead a world-spanning conspiracy?