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Well, here I am, filing my second avatar request ever. I'm still happy with the avatar I have now, made by Vaynor, so don't make me a priority or anything but uh... yeah, thanks in advance to whoever takes my request. If I've done a poor job on explaining one of the aspects of the avatar, don't be afraid to bug me to elaborate some more on it (or make it up).

Gender: Other (just kidding, male)
Type: Earth pony
Coat color: Black or gray, something "dark", you know?
Mane color and style: Imagine my current avatar with slightly longer hair and do your best to match that.
Eye color: Uh... hazel? Is that okay? If not, either green or brown.
Cutie mark: A violin and/or bow. Whatever is easier/shows up better.
Pose: No preference.
Expressions: Something nefarious-looking, if possible. Just go with my current avatar's expression if you have to.
Accessories or costumes: No preference.
I haven't done a pony with dark green fur yet, so he's dark green, but I'll make him black or gray if you wish.

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