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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengu_temp View Post
    Pondering what new show to watch. Either Tiger and Bunny or Steins;Gate. Sell either of them to me.
    As much as I like T&B, as Terra described, Steins;Gate is just superior overall. T&B has his great episodes, too, though. Episode 15 or so comes to mind... but yeah, Steins;Gate is just better if you can ignore the bad science and quite a bit 'because plot says so'.
    T&B has a great premise with super heroes being marketed in a big show and then there is this new Hero, Bunny who gets teamed up with Tiger who basically doens't like the show that much but just wants to help people. There are too more or less overarching plots throughout the show. (minor spoiler)

    One is the search for the murderer of Bunny's parents, the other is a next/hero who goes around killing people instead of arresting them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teutonic Knight View Post

    As for Tiger & Bunny, what do you guys think about Maverick's power they revealed in the latest episode. Will it break the series?
    Okay, not that it was much of a spoiler but still, it's only half a week old, pal. I don't think it's break the series hard. Seems his victim needs to be kind of helpless so it's not a combat ability or anything.
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