Oops, I'm sorry, I inadvertently posted this in the wrong forum a few minutes ago.

Hi all,

I received notification from Ookoodook that my book would be shipped on the 4th of August, with a tracking number.

It's now the 12th of August (NZT), and according to the USPS website, it hasn't even been shipped yet. I have sent a number of emails to ookoodook and have had no replies or even acknowledgement of my emails. Has anyone else received their packages? Does anyone know a better email address to use to get in contact with the Ookoodook? I have tried shipping.manager and ship.manager (both are referenced in the emails I received) but neither seems to get a response...? Just wondering what's going on and worried that my order may have been lost (which would suck since this is a one-off printing and the book wont be available again, I ordered as soon as it was announced to avoid any chance of missing out... )

Thanks guys.