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Thread: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

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    Have any Canadians received their book yet? I'm curious to know how long it takes, so I can guess when to expect mine.

    @ZombieMaster, I noticed Apegamer mentioned some packages had their postage printed before a medical emergency happened, and were not able to be picked up until some time later because of that. I have no idea if the confirmation emails for those packages were sent, but if they were then that's one possible explanation - that the tracking number hasn't showed up for you because it was picked up recently and USPS doesn't bother to scan packages for tracking very much. I'm just speculating though, I'm sure ookoodook will be able to give you a better answer when they have some free time.
    I wouldn't worry too much though. I'm kind of in the same boat - I received my confirmation email on the 4th and the tracking number didn't work until I tried it today (and it only says something like "Electronic Shipping information received", nothing about where it is or anything). I'm sure we'll both get our books eventually!
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