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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieMaster View Post
    Oops, I'm sorry, I inadvertently posted this in the wrong forum a few minutes ago.

    Hi all,

    I received notification from Ookoodook that my book would be shipped on the 4th of August, with a tracking number.

    It's now the 12th of August (NZT), and according to the USPS website, it hasn't even been shipped yet. I have sent a number of emails to ookoodook and have had no replies or even acknowledgement of my emails. Has anyone else received their packages? Does anyone know a better email address to use to get in contact with the Ookoodook? I have tried shipping.manager and ship.manager (both are referenced in the emails I received) but neither seems to get a response...? Just wondering what's going on and worried that my order may have been lost (which would suck since this is a one-off printing and the book wont be available again, I ordered as soon as it was announced to avoid any chance of missing out... )

    Thanks guys.
    I'm in the exact same situation (well maybe not exact since I live in the US). I got an email saying it would ship on the 4th. I did get an email though yesterday saying that because of the medical emergency at the warehouse that my package was one of the ones that didn't get out. My package has now been physically sent out the door. As FujinAkari said though as long as APEGames doesn't post that they're done shipping I wouldn't get worried just yet.
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