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I have to say I'm tingling with anticipation when it comes to getting Dragon Tales. My copy's apparently still stuck somewhere in Houston but eh, international shipping is slow as a quadruplegic sloth anyway...

Best wishes to the sick person in Ookodook, and hope she'll be okay soon.

The only fear I have is that my name is misspelled. Being from the Nordic countries, my name has a lot of umlauts in it. The confirmation email actually had my name looking like something quite Teutonic, with three consonants in the end as it dropped out the umlauted letters.

Nah, just ranting... I sent an e-mail to Ookodook about it (though it has not been answered), and otherwise the address is correct so I'm not TOO worried. I've just had the misfortune of having a mailman who's as thick as a pile of lumber so I'm hoping he doesn't mess it up.

Anticipation, anticipation, anticipation...
I am in the exact same situation - my book is in Houston too, umlauts dropped - but I'm not remotely worried. It's likely just a USPS problem anyway, and their only job is to register the book and deliver it to your country.