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I am speechless. Dude, I was a pre-order. Ookoodook made the mistake, and should be bending over backwards to fix this. In the mean time, I am 2 weeks now without my book, and apparently not a priority.

This isn't what I would call excellent customer service. Heck, it's not even good customer service.

I get that it's a small company. I really do. But I am not looking for the world here: I just want my book. I think the most I asked for was that they expedite a copy to me, at their cost. I certainly didn't demand it, or a refund, or a free copy, or someone's first-born child. This should not be a hard problem to solve quickly.

And I should have my book.
So you're a preorder and you don't have your book. Whoop de do. Join the club.

So they made a mistake. Yes, that means they should fix it. No, it does not automatically mean you should get to jump the queue ahead of other people who are in the same group as you were.

If they finish shipping preorders and start shipping regular orders and at that time they still haven't addressed your problem, then you would have a point. Until then, you can wait along with the rest of us preorder folks that don't have the book yet.