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When you make a mistake, you fix it quickly. That is customer service.

This isn't brain surgery. You fix this problem by putting a book in an envelope and mailing it.
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They are fixing it. But in the quote you quoted he was talking about how it made no sense to talk about how priority when plenty with equal have nothing as well, you are no less priority than the rest who's book haven't arrived.
As MoonCat said, you are a priority. You are in the exact same priority as everyone else who is waiting for their preorders and haven't even gotten a email confirmation yet.

Like, say, myself.

Does it suck that you could have gotten your book and didn't? Absolutely. But I also tend to think it sucks for people who preordered the book and haven't received it yet either. Not that I'm complaining of course. I know full well all of the difficulties that are going on.

Sometimes there just isn't an acceptable answer to every problem.