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    Default Re: Cat Fans Unite and PEACH II: Moar Kittehs!

    So, I've had this idea in my head for a while, and when I finally wrote it up tonight I was going to post it for peaching, but then I remembered this thread, so I thought I'd give it a home here. Enjoy!


    Lord Fluffybottoms
    Terror of the Kitten-Lands
    Conceived as a story to bring people together, he became something more, gaining a force of his own to exist. His powers aid those who seek to be small and sneaky, and those who would face dangerous opponents who consume life.
    Lord Fluffybottoms was, alas, not a real person. Nor, for that matter, was he a real cat. He was in fact a fantasy, a story told amongst a small group of children, who believed in him enough to one day cause him to become nearly real. The story is not pleasant, nor is it particularly inspiring, but it is his all the same.

    In a time long ago (or perhaps away), there were eleven children, each the only offspring of a large number of races in a highly mixed community. When they first met, the children had little in common, their varied heritage’s pushing them apart. It wasn’t until one child, the daughter of the community’s shaman, began to tell stories of the Kitten-Lands, a far-away place where kittens lived and played and loved, that the children grew closer. With a common bond, they became fast friends, with the shaman’s daughter taking a semi-leadership position amongst the group. For a time, all was good.

    Until the time that the great devourer came. A giant beast, fur sprouting from his matted form, he strode into the community, killing everyone he saw. None were safe from his claws, and those who fell to his horrid bite became less than dead; their bodies failed, but their souls did not pass on. This was only obvious to the shaman, and in turn, the shaman’s daughter. Fearing for the safety of the few remaining of the community, the shaman made a prayer to his spirit, asking for some kind of miracle.

    The spirit answered. For a day, the devourer was pushed back, his hunger sated for a time. In the wreckage, the eleven children found themselves alive, but their families were crippled. The only survivor was the shaman, and he was deep in constant prayer, attempting to keep the devourer away. Only the shaman’s daughter would see him, and only to bring him food and drink.

    Everyday, as the sun began to rise in the sky, the devourer would come back to the town, aware that there were some still living there, but unable to find them. The shaman’s magic was keeping the children alive by removing their presence from the devourer’s eyes, but his nose still knew he was there. As the sun set each night, the devourer would leave, but he slowly scoured more and more of the broken community.

    Throughout the many days that the devourer came, the shaman’s daughter kept her friends occupied. She told them more and more fantastic stories of the tales of Lord Fluffybottoms, how he saved the Kitten-Lands from the Horned Canine, how he wrested control of the Kitten-Lands from the Ocicat Tyrant and returned it to the hands of the people, and, the most favored story, of how Lord Fluffybottoms finally gave up his freedom, traveling into the Great Catnip Forest, the land of the hallowed dead, to protect all those who were righteous from harm. These stories kept the children at ease during the trying time.

    But, things were quickly deteriorating. What the other children did not know is that the shaman was already dead, his body used as a sacrifice to protect the children from the devourer, and yet his spirit had remained, destroying itself in an attempt to give the children a chance. The shaman’s daughter was now alone protecting the rest of the group, using her own father’s spirit as a channel for powers. She was, alas, not powerful enough.

    On the 17th day of hiding, the devourer found them. The children ran, knowing that to be caught was to be killed, but they were not fast enough. Throughout the day, the devourer stalked, his prowess obviously surpassing the others. Every hour he killed another child, taking their very essence into his body, growing stronger, until only the shaman’s daughter was left.

    Realizing that there was nothing left to do but face down her enemy, the shaman’s daughter prepared herself, listening to the devourer grow closer with every step. As he finally broke down her door, the daughter said one final prayer, that to Lord Fluffybottoms. While she did not know why she said it, she did, and she immediately felt his presence infuse her.

    The devourer did not care. He leapt at the girl, his teeth sinking into her throat, tearing it out in an instant, and leaving her dying on the floor. As her lifeblood leaked out, the devourer felt the familiar power of life essence suffice his form, but then something went wrong. The life energy tore through him, ripped his body apart letting loose all of the spirits of the children he had consumed, and leaving his body so weak he could not move. He could only lie there, dying in a crumpled heap, his thoughts the only thing to keep him company.

    While the girl lay dying, Lord Fluffybottoms’ “spirit” was released. The belief of the girl had the other children had been powerful enough to bring him into a quasi-existence, but he had not been powerful enough to save them. While it seems unlikely that he swore any form of vengeance that day, it is known that he favors children, and that those who drink of the life of others are always at risk of his powers.

    Summoning Rules
    The following rules describe the requirements and rituals for binding Lord
    Fluffybottoms, Terror of the Kitten-Lands.
    Level: 1
    Binding DC: 15
    Requirements: You must say a quick prayer to Lord Fluffybottoms, asking him for aid, and then tell a story of when you were a child. The story you tell is forever lost from your memory, sucked into the entity which is Lord Fluffybottoms.
    Manifestation: As the final word of the story is told, the words seem to flow from your mind as the memory is consumed. A swirl of color infuses the seal, and a cat appears within, often dressed in fine garments (which fit him perfectly), though the exact garments and the breed of cat are never the same. He listens to your request with calm and solitude, and finally answers with a simple meow before leaping into your chest.

    Granted Abilities
    Lord Fluffybottoms grants the following supernatural abilities.

    Naturally Placed: You gain a +2 bonus to Sneak checks for every 4 levels you possess. This is a constant ability, as you naturally place yourself in areas which conceal your form.

    Itsy-Bitsy: You gain the Slight Build racial trait. Your physical stature lets you function in many ways as if you were one size category smaller. Whenever you are subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as Hide), you are treated as one size smaller if doing so is advantageous to you. You are also considered to be one size smaller when "squeezing" through a restrictive space. You can use weapons designed for a creature one size smaller without penalty. However, your space and reach remain those of your actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.

    Cat Nap: You can enter a period of sleep which induces a state of supernaturally quickened healing. Entering this state takes 10 minutes, during which time you need relative silence (the warming rays of the sun coming through a window are optional). Once you enter this state, you immediately begin healing all forms of harm. You gain Fast Healing 1, as your wounds begin to knit. You heal one point of ability damage every ten minutes. You also heal 1 negative level every half an hour. Other conditions which might be affecting you (such as nausea or exhaustion) are instantly removed.

    You can remain in this state for up to 1 hour per Charisma modifier you possess. The healing need not be all consumed at once, but each time you enter this state requires 10 minutes.

    Mighty Claws: You gain two claw attacks, which deal damage as is normal for your size (1d4 for Medium creatures).

    Swift Legs: You gain a +10 bonus to your land speed.

    Signs and Influence
    Lord Fluffybottoms may affect you in the following ways.
    Physical Sign: The physical sign of Lord Fluffybottoms is never the same, but is always subtle. Your body takes on cat-like characteristics. This is not so extreme as appearing like a humanoid cat, but more like you might be told you have feline features. Perhaps, if you have facial hair, it curls out to look somewhat like whiskers, or maybe your eyes become oval like a cats, or maybe your ears begin to prick like a cat’s. In all cases, however, you gain a set of claws. If you choose to hide these claws, you cannot make attacks with them.
    Personality Influence: Lord Fluffybottoms was a rogue of great renown in the stories told of him. He always got the girl, fought only when absolutely necessary, but was constantly a source of good and resourcefulness. He compels you to spout witty one-liners whenever possible, and to always show your best side. You must take a move action to make a complicated flourish whenever you gain a surprise round against an opponent. Likewise, being the womanizer he is, he pushes you to flirt with any woman you would even possibly consider as a potential mate (even if you are female).
    Favored Ally: Children. Because that was his origin and his focus of existence, he holds young of all kinds in special regard.
    Favored Enemy: Canines. While he was only a story, he is a cat, and his dislike of dog-like creatures keeps hold of him.

    Capstone Granted Ability
    You gain the following ability when you pass your binding check by 10 or more.
    Everflowing Life: Your simply cannot be consumed by those who seek to do so. In fact, your so overwhelmingly alive, that if they try, they become harmed. Whenever you are subjected to an attack which deals level drain, you gain a +10 to your check to resist. Furthermore, if you resist the level drain, your life force overwhelms the opponent, dealing them 1d6 points of untyped damage for every 2 levels you possess.

    Tactical Bonus
    While bound to this vestige, apply a +1 bonus to all your d20 rolls for the round you meet any of these criteria:
    - Protect a child from harm
    - Successfully spout a witty one-liner
    - Succeed on a Sneak check
    - Spend a move action to enjoy the warmth of the sun


    I should note, I use the set up presented in Secrets of Pact Magic for the basis of this vestige. I'm also not quite sure what level it should be, so I left it blank. Any critique would be greatly appreciated!
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